According to Forbes, only 29% of small business owners don’t have a website yet. This goes to show the inevitable role a web presence plays in the growth of businesses. This is further estimated to fall down to 8% in the coming year.

So with a large number of small businesses opting for a website of their own, the number one question most of them have is:

“How much does a small business website cost?”

And unfortunately for them, most web designers don’t quote their prices upfront (we do, with us you pay $499 for a professional website, contact us 😉

affordable web design at $499

Well, we can’t entirely blame them for not quoting a price because the cost of web design depends heavily on individual requirements like complexity, the number of pages etc.

With that said, the estimates we are about to give are for small business websites, regular ones that range from 5-10 pages like a home page, about us, products/services, contact page etc.

We will discuss three different scenarios. The cost of a small business website if you:

  • Do it yourself
  • Hire a freelancer
  • Work with an agency
    But before discussing the costs in each scenario, let us see some essential costs that you will have to dish out on irrespective of which way you go.

Domain Fees: Domain name is the name of your website, it is your address on the internet. For example, the domain name of our site is

Domain names cost from a few cents to millions of dollars, for example, if available, (gibberish!) might cost a few cents and might cost you millions of dollars.

Anyway, you don’t have to think about this wide range, most domain names cost around $10.

Where to purchase your domain?

Our recommendation: Namecheap

As the name suggests, we found that domains at namecheap cost significantly less than all other places.

Hosting: Hosting is your piece of land on the internet.

Your website is made up of files, and just like files stored on your computer, your website is stored on a server.

Web Hosting service providers “host” your website on their servers.

Again, there is a wide range of hosting solutions from $100 a year to $500 a year in the medium range.

For most businesses, $100/yr would suffice.

Where to get your hosting from?

Our recommendation: Siteground

Siteground is a fast, reliable and high-quality hosting service provider. The price begins at $11.95/month but they are currently you can get it at $3.95/month for the first year!

We swear by their quality and use it on all our client sites.

Mandatory costs: $110 for most “regular” cases.

factors involved in small business website cost

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Small Business Website Cost When You Do It Yourself

Two popular ways to build a website yourself are:

a) Building a website with WordPress. This is a good choice given WordPress powers about 30% of the websites on the internet.

Cost: WordPress is a software and the look of your site depends on the theme that you use. Themes are like clothing and they range from free to $3000.

I strongly urge that you purchase a theme if you take this route. And a good theme built with a proper code will cost you $100-$150.

Pros: Building your site with WordPress gives you all the flexibility and customization capabilities you need.


  • It can consume a big chunk of your time.
  • There is also a learning curve associated with it.

b) Using a website builder like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc.

Cost: Using a website builder can cost you from $60/yr to $250/yr


  • They are easy to use
  • Not very expensive
  • Most often they cover hosting charges
  • You can design a decent website yourself


  • Even if they are easy, for a completely non-techie person, there will be a slight learning curve.
  • You have to pay every month as long as you use their service.
  • You are limited by the features offered by the builder.
  • Simple customizations that are otherwise easy can be really hard or impossible with these builders.

Final Costs: Look at spending about $300-$600 and a considerable amount of your time.

Small Business Website Cost When You Hire A Freelancer

Most small business owners do a lot of things themselves and tackling a website is one thing they would NOT want on their hands.

While building a website yourself might be cost-effective, you often don’t end up with a professional website. They also take up a significant amount of your time, which is NOT free.

But, what do you do if these web design agencies cost you an arm and a leg? (Well, you could hire us, we do stunning web designs at $499! just saying 😉

Or, you could hire a freelancer.

Freelancers are skilled designers who operate independently.

Cost: Freelancers mostly charge by the hour and depending on their experience, it might cost you $1000-$5000 for an entire website.

But for a good looking, properly built website you can look at spending $1000-$2000


  • They offer professional services
  • They are reasonably priced
  • You save a lot of time and effort

Cons: The biggest issue is with finding the right freelancer.

Final Cost: $1000-$2000 for a good-looking, well-built website.

Small Business Website Cost When You Hire A Web Design Agency

If you have the budget, web design agencies are professional, skilled, and reliable. They have different people each skilled in different aspects of web design and development.

Cost: Most web design agencies don’t list their prices but from the ones who did, we found the price for small business websites ranges from $3000-$6000 with some agencies quoting $20,000!

But on average you can look at paying $3000.

Pros: As listed above, when you work with an agency, they are reliable and professional with laid out rules and processes.

Cons: They cost more than all the other options.

Final Cost: $3000 or more!

Apart from web design, you also have to look at web maintenance costs.

What is website maintenance?

At the very basic it usually involves keeping the software up to date, taking backups, ensuring security, updating content etc.

How much does website maintenance for small business website cost?

If you do it yourself, it won’t cost you much except for the learning curve.

Other costs would be some maintenance plugins etc.

If you hire a freelancer/agency they usually offer maintenance costs starting from $50/month to $500/month depending on the work required.

For regular small business sites, you can look at spending $50 to $100 every month.