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Daughter: Graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering, worked in an MNC for a short duration, before leaving to pursue her passion for Blogging. Today leading the world of Blogging with her website: https://ProWebDesign.Agency

Father: Having studied Electrical Engineering and worked in the Oil and Gas sector for Government of India for 30 long years. Quit his high flying job, to pursue the passion of exploring the Internet and his longtime desire of bringing the fruits of Internet Goldmine to the doorstep of the common man, thus making the world a Better Place To Live.

From a tender age, he studied the books of world top mentors like Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peal and  Napolean Hill. He ardently followed Tony Robbins and read every book of him, which opened the unlimited doors of wisdom, to achieve the things that he wanted since his childhood. But, having tired of trying to crack the code of Internet Goldmine, he was about to call it a day, just that time, his Guru PengJoon came to give away the secrets of online wealth creation. After these legendary leaders like LesBrown, Robert Kiyosaki, T.HarvEker, Alex Mandossian, Courtney Smith, Blair Singer, John Assaraf, Louis Hey, Robert Riopel to name a few, poured out their influence on him one after another in a short span of Just one year.

Having waited so long and having gathered so much information and strategies, it was the time to quit the day job, to pursue his dreams of Internet Wealth Creation and ultimately he has become, within a short span of one and a half year time.

The combination of unlimited energy and creativity of daughter and the vast and in-depth potential of father’s experience made it a great team to take their dreams into the world of online business.

Go Online, Grow Your Business.

We stand by our word and we invite you to contact us for an Iron Clad guarantee service as per your needs and budget.